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Waiheke Whisky | Golden Oldies Tasting Set

Waiheke Whisky | Golden Oldies Tasting Set

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Waiheke Whisky | Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Batch 002 Release, all new bottlings, including a heavier peat on the Moss.

In the vein of 'your best is yet to come' Golden Oldies revisits three of Waiheke Whisky’s gold medal-winning first releases, and a fourth whisky, shipping now.

The set includes new barrels of even older, wiser & richer Moss, Seris 1 and The Sweetwater. These are joined by the Dramfest-special Dyad II: Peat + Port.

Unboxing is an experience in itself. The sleeve features golden-hue rocks from Waiheke Islands Fossil bay. Remove the sleeve and our box appears, which is adorned with bespoke Waiheke Whisky designs with their own meaning.

The box unlocks to the Tasting Mat, set up each whisky on the mat and read the tasting notes and their detailed distilling process as you taste.

All our whisky is presented from the barrel, non-chill filtered and no added colour. You can purchase 700ml bottles too here.


Batch #002 

The Sweetwater is a delicious, easy-drinking whisky - the perfect introduction to our non-peated range.

With new make crafted from Gladfield’s Distillers Malt, this whisky has been aged for five years, with the majority of the ageing process taking place in STR French oak barrels, followed by a finish in ex-Bourbon casks.

On the nose, The Sweetwater presents a sweet bouquet of honey, orange, and vanilla.

The palate begins with notes of candied orange, apricot, and honey comb, leading to a dry, spice finish with hints of lemon pips. It's not cloying and the tannins from the French oak barrels provide a satisfying finish that leaves you wanting more.

41% ABV / 50 ml


Batch #002  

Made from Gladfield’s Peated New Zealand Malt, double distilled in copper pot stills. First maturation in American oak wine barrels which have been shaved, toasted and re-charred (STR) giving a floral which leaps from the glass.

Finishing in PX Apera (Australian Sherry) casks helps to develop glazed orange peel, citrus, spiced apple and sandalwood notes.

The palate is rich and mouth-coating with notes of butterscotch, raisins, fruit cake, cereal and peat, complimented with a savoury spice finish.

42% ABV / 50 ml


Batch #002  

Made from Gladfield’s Peated New Zealand Malt, double distilled and aged in STR and ex Bourbon casks.

Full bodied and easy drinking, Moss is a gateway to New Zealand peat.

A crowd pleasing whisky with floral aromas of jasmine, honey, liquorice, vanilla bean and cough syrup, created by the interaction of the peated malt with the American oak casks, which have been shaved, toasted and re-charred (STR).

Further maturation in first fill bourbon casks provides a creamy texture and a long lingering finish with spice and sweet fruit, and smoke.

44% ABV / 50 ml 


Batch #001

This fascinating and delicious expression has been created by Patrick Newton, our head distiller, and exemplifies our Dyad wine finish range.

Double distilled in copper pot stills in February 2018 from a half tonne mash of Gladfield’s New Zealand Peated malt, the liquid was first aged in American oak for 4 years and then finished for the last year in this Waiheke Island Vintage Port wine barrel.

What makes this whisky even more special is that the Port used for the finish was also created by Patrick using Petit Verdot grapes grown just 300 metres from the distillery.

46% ABV / 50 ml

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