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Southward | Blood Orange & Vanilla Vodka

Southward | Blood Orange & Vanilla Vodka

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Southward Wellington, NZ 700ml 43%abv

Most Vodka in New Zealand is made from whey-based natural spirit… but not at Southward. All of their spirits are made with the same love and attention given to a premium whisky (i.e. grain based) and there’s a reason for this… Owner and creator of all things Southward, Frankie, has a passion for whisky but as we all know Whisky needs at least 3 years in barrel before it can be released. That’s why in the meantime all the Gin and Vodka that comes out of Southward are grain based, hand crafted and made with the same love and passion that you’d put into a fine Single Malt… Stay tuned for their Whisky though, it’s only a few years off…

We know just how popular Pink Gins are, well what about a Pink Vodka, just as playful but smoother and possibly just a little bit more versatile. This Blood Orange and Vanilla Vodka from Southward is truly handmade, right from crafting the base spirit to hand peeling and squeezing the orange. The result is a wonderfully fresh zesty-sweet orange and vanilla vodka and just beautiful in a ‘Pornstar Martini’.

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