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Southward Blood Orange Gin

Southward Blood Orange Gin

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Southward Distilling - Wellington, New Zealand

Style - Flavoured 
700ml | 41% ABV

That bloody sunset. The red one. The try and take a picture and it doesn’t do it justice. The weird neon colour you love so much and the glow of it on your favourite bar.

Southward Distilling doesn't start out by trying to make a great gin. They start out trying to tell a story. Beginning, middle and end. Their core method is pot distilling with a complimentary aspect of vapour and infusion at times. Their 300L pot still Kay, named after their founders Grandma, is the beating heart of our story. Done in small batches, they produce craft gin that is beautifully wild.

What started as a Whiskey drinker has now become a search to recreate flavours for different pallets. Not everyone likes smokey, and some people don’t like sweet, so Southward Distilling recreate flavours and profiles by creating different gins. they craft a catered drinking experience through experimental and creative flavours. Their name, Southward, is a code to family and tradition. Named after a family fishing boat led by a strong man, with not all his fingers by the end of it. Going out to sea, coming home, and having a drink with your family. Only to create a memory.

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