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Reefton Flavour Gallery Gin Series | Honey, Pear & Hops

Reefton Flavour Gallery Gin Series | Honey, Pear & Hops

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Reefton Distilling Co. - Reefton, New Zealand

Style - Flavoured
700ml | 40% ABV

100% of profits support regenerative native tree planting in NZ.

Juniper, Rātā, Mānuka Honey, Pear, Amarillo, Mosaic Hops & others.

Inspired by New Zealand’s incredibly creative craft beer industry Reefton Distilling Co. wanted to create a gin showcasing the complexity of hops. So they paired Mosaic & Amarillo hops with a tradition gin base which they then balanced with Rata honey and a Mānuka honey extract before rounding it all out with the warmth of juicy ripe pear. The result is an incredibly unique gin bursting with complex flavour making it ideal to mix with tonic or soda & apple.

About Reefton Flavour Gallery Gin Series
Designed by the team at Reefton Distilling Co. to explore the boundaries of flavour with more extravagant flavour combinations than are typical within the world of traditional gins. The result is a selection of juicy gins bursting with so much flavour and character that they create complex cocktail like serves when simply mixed with tonic, soda or sparkling wine.

Each product in this innovative range has been made by layering delicious flavours over a classic gin to deliver added depth, complexity, mouthfeel and attitude.

About Reefton Distilling Co.
There is something about the spirit of the West Coast and its people.  They have always had belief in themselves, a can-do attitude and they are not afraid to get behind a new idea.  Reefton was an entrepreneurial and prosperous place in its early days, and Patsy Bass in turn plans to add the success story of Reefton Distilling Co. to the history books.

Created in honour of Reefton legend little Biddy, a gin-toting, 4 foot tall gold prospector, their search for native botanicals takes them deep into the same West Coast rainforest where Biddy once fossicked for gold, to craft a uniquely New Zealand selection of small batch distilled gins with attitude.

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