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Parched Lime

Parched Lime

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Parched - Auckland, New Zealand

10g Pouch / Approx 12 Slices

Add these edible and ready-to-serve dehydrated fruit slices to garnish your drinks, desserts, or grazing boards. These all-natural dehydrated lime slices are a great garnish as they still carry the fruit flavour and they elevate any drink or food creation.

100% Natural. Zero added sugar, all of the flavour!

Launched in 2022, Parched is founded on a genuine passion for finely crafted cocktail garnishes that are 100% natural, and as tasty as they are beautiful. From orchard to glass, they believe true quality can’t just be created in the final step so it’s fair to say they're picky with our fruit picking. They work with local New Zealand fruit growers to source the highest quality fruit, supplemented by importers when demand requires. The key to their selection is superior quality fruit that is ethically and sustainably cultivated.

Parched relies on nature, and nature relies on them. They aspire to protect our natural resources and be mindful of their environmental footprint. Their donations are helping to plant thousands of trees to restore the island’s indigenous forests and create habitat for wildlife, while stabilising hillsides to prevent erosion and protect local watersheds.

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