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Moksha Rose & Hibiscus Gin

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NV Distilling Co. - Hauraki, Auckland, New Zealand

Style - Pink
700ml | 40% ABV

Juniper, Cardamom, Organic Rose Petals, Hibiscus & more.

A rosy pink gin, infused with elegance and grace.

Inspired by India, crafted in New Zealand, this is a delicate and alluring tipple. Distilled with premium cardamom and organic rose petals straight from India, finished with Hibiscus flowers and balanced with orange notes, it's a journey for the senses.

Regal and royal, from tusk to tail. Find your Moksha moment.

Samsara is life’s karmic cycle. And release from that cycle is known as moksha. Moksha means you’ve learned all you need to know. That you’ve found liberation, transcendence and true freedom. That’s the freedom you find, with moksha.

By way of the UK (and many visits back to India), Nicola returned to her native New Zealand. And then, she met Kitty. Both fiercely independent and cleverly bold, these kindred spirits reached a meeting of minds. This is the story of two Kiwi women seeking something more. A break in the daily cycle of Samsara normalcy. And gin was their outlet.

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