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Kākāpō Mānuka Honey & Elderflower Gin

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Kākāpō Distillery - Auckland, New Zealand

Style - Contemporary (Dry)
700ml | 42% ABV

Juniper (Highlands, Macedonia), Mānuka Honey (Great Barrier Island), Elderflower (Otago), Mānuka (Auckland) and others.

Light floral notes, a soft honey sweetness and a strong juniper presence. The wild juniper berries are the source of the delicious, aromatic, juniper forward flavour of Kākāpō gin. Mānuka honey provides a subtle sweetness in combination with an almost earthy and mineral-like note. It has a noticeable softness when drinking and illuminates the gin with a subtle golden glow. The addition of elderflower creates a sophisticated and unmistakable floral note that has faint hints of anise. This flavour profile from the elderflower compliments the Mānuka honey. Mānuka provides a variety of strong herbal notes in the gin adding the the complexities of flavours and balancing out the sweetness from the honey and floral notes to make this gin one of a kind.

Created using traditional methods in a copper Alquitar still, Kākāpō Distillery’s gin is brought to life by New Zealand's native forests and the extensive variety of botanicals and flavours that are available at their fingertips. 

Kākāpō Distillery was founded on three key ideas: a love for Aotearoa, a passion for its conservation, and a desire to make a damn good drop of gin. They believe that traceability is not only important for knowing exactly where their ingredients are coming from, but that it is vital for understanding their carbon footprint and achieving their mission to be as green as possible in every aspect of the business.

Kākāpō Distillery's unique take on a time old spirit provides an elegant and exciting tasting experience that continuously gives back to nature; through being eco-conscious at every step, as well as supporting the critically endangered Kākāpō and the awesome team at the Department of Conservation's Kākāpō Recovery.

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