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Kiwi Spirit Distillery | Premium Vodka

Kiwi Spirit Distillery | Premium Vodka

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 700ml | 40%

Life isn't simple, and nor is our vodka. Kiwi Spirit’s Premium Vodka is small batch distilled using pristine water from one of the clearest sources on the planet. The result? A super-smooth elegant vodka like no other. Splash over ice and sip neat to savour the outrageously silky-smooth mouthfeel.  

Seventeen thousand years ago, our production began as pure snow falling upon the mighty New Zealand mountains. Over an age and under many suns, that snow became water that made its way down the mountains and over limestone, bringing life to all along its path. Trickling into the cracks of the land to be distilled by nature, it came to rest in the deep, deliciously sweet and pristine waters of the ancient aquifers that feed Te Waikoropupū Springs. Drawing from one of these aquifers beneath our distillery, we use Aotearoa's finest drop to make ours.

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