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Katipō Distilling | Katipō Gin

Katipō Distilling | Katipō Gin

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 Katipo Distilling Co, Hawkes Bay | 700ML | 44% ABV

A classic Kiwi take on a traditional London Dry, we took our love for tradition and added a bit of Kiwi No 8 Wired innovation with the introduction of Nelson Sauvin hops to the bouquet. The result is mouth-watering, leaving you wanting more. It finishes with a complex nose that harmonises all of the best aromas the New Zealand gin, beer and wine industries have on offer.

Pine, heat, spice; the hallmark of the classic London dry style.

Citrus; this blends with the Juniper and allows the citrus to really come forward. Our lemons are hand peeled by our head distiller. Gives a brightness to gin.

Nelson Sauvin Hops
Fruit driven; imparts a wine like character with notes of peach, honey and gooseberry. This complements beautifully with the lemon and juniper and allows the citrus to really come forward. It gives brightness and pep to the gin. Our hops are carefully hand harvested for optimum freshness and aroma.

Orris Root
Earthy, dusty sweetness that can be perceived as woody, or hay-like. Aroma fixer mostly used in perfume making.

Angelica root
Warm musky herbal note; spicey; forest floor; leather book. Tannins which give the dryness.

Sweetness, hay barn, honey sweetness, deep woodsy and earthy notes that also offer mint and molasses (black treacle).

Cassia Bark
Part of the Cinnamon family, it adds sweetness and spice, together with woody nutmeg and a bright dose of citrusy freshness. Cassia Bark is cut from the trunk of the tree and rolled into quills. It is a thicker kind of bark, which is where the blue haze comes from. A warm hug. Mulled wine.

Piney, fruity, almost menthol-like flavour. Aromatic pods that are often used in Asian cuisines, but they lend their earthy fragrance and warming sweetness to liquor as well. Spice, Arabic. The cardamom adds depth.


About Katipo Distilling Co.

Sebastian has 24 years in the winemaking trade. There have been some deviations and dabblings in brewing along the way with successful 50 litre batches sold to a local craft beer establishment and winning a craft beer event with a gin infused red IPA. The variations in beer styles led to an interest in the botanical alchemy of gin. Five years ago, as a Christmas treat to himself, he bought an alembic still with a botanicals basket and began exploring what native botanicals, and beyond, were available.

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