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I've Been Pickled | The Honest Truth Dry Gin

I've Been Pickled | The Honest Truth Dry Gin

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I've Been Pickled | Christchurch, New Zealand | 43%abv

The Honest Truth, where authenticity meets craftsmanship. Our small-batch gin, lovingly crafted by I’ve Been Pickled, embodies the essence of honesty and quality. Made with gluten-free ingredients and a dedication to smooth, easy-drinking pleasure, each sip delivers a genuine experience like no other.

Crafted from alcohol produced in-house, our gin is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Drawing inspiration from the classic London Dry Gin tradition, our blend offers a timeless taste with a contemporary twist.

Flavour Notes:

Juniper: A bold juniper presence forms the backbone of our gin, delivering a quintessential London Dry Gin experience.
Citrus Zest: Vibrant citrus notes dance across the palate, adding brightness and freshness to every sip.
Botanical Blend: Our carefully curated botanical blend enhances complexity, with subtle floral and herbal undertones.
Smooth Finish: Impeccably balanced, our gin boasts a smooth, lingering finish that leaves a lasting impression.
Indulge in the honest truth of gin with our small batch creation. Perfect for savouring on its own or crafting your favourite cocktails, it’s time to discover the authentic taste of Gin: The Honest Truth.


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