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Island Gin

Island Gin

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Madame Distiller - Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

Style - Classic (Modern Dry)
700ml | 43.2% ABV

Juniper, Great Barrier Island Manuka & Bush honey.



AWARD WINNING GOLD at 2022 SAN FRANCISCO SPIRITS COMPETITION 2023, is small batch distilled with Great Barrier Island Manuka & Bush honey.



Elevate your entertaining this season with a sustainable spin, by re-purposing our unique Kina inspired bottles. You can purchase a pourer, that will turn your bottle into an olive oil decanter.

Crafted in a copper still, off grid, 5 hours by barge off the coast of New Zealand.
Our unique bottles designed to reflect a Kina shell - are all made in New Zealand using a sustainable glass production.


"For nearly 20  years Andi Ross spent long dreamy summers on Great Barrier Island in a modest beach shack with 2 solar panels and a 12 volt battery.  It was there in her tiny kitchen she started playing around with G&T’s using lemons foraged from a tree she stumbled across on a bush walk.

Later on, it was discovered the lemon tree she found was said to seeded from an early shipwreck. 

Inspired by this, Andi ventured further and 
began experimenting with other local ingredients on a small alembic copper pot still.

After many trials with the aid of willing tasters, who nicknamed her ‘Madame Distiller’,  the first original Island Gin was born.

The blend of Great Barrier Manuka and bush island honey as a key note became
the profile signature of Island Gin capturing the
spirit of Great Barrier Island; made by hand,  by nature and by a community like no other."

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