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Imagination INTELLIGIN London Dry Gin

Imagination INTELLIGIN London Dry Gin

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Imagination Distilling - Reikorangi Valley, New Zealand

Style - Classic (London Dry)
700ml | 45% ABV


The first time Imagination had a play creating images in AI, and they were asked to start by typing /imagine, they knew we had to do it. So here it is. A gin created entirely using AI. ChatGPT created the recipe, wrote the tasting notes and came up with the name "INTELLIGIN'. Then, Midjourney/Discord created the label imagery. Designed by AI, crafted by Imagination.

A harmonious blend of traditional botanicals and a secret ingredient. Delicate juniper berries and coriander seeds provide a classic foundation, while angelica root and orris root add depth and complexity. Bright notes of lemon and orange peel impart a refreshing zest, while cardamom pods add a subtle spice. The secret ingredient, cubeb pepper, brings a unique twist with its intriguing peppery undertones.
The result is a well-balanced gin with a captivating flavour profile, offering a harmonious fusion of traditional and contemporary tastes. Enjoy its smoothness and discover the secrets within.

Imagination distill in an 8 plate fractionating column still using pure rainwater captured on their property. The secret to their flavour profile comes from the distinctive yeast they use in fermentation, charcoal filtered rainwater, the delicate balance of botanicals in distillation and of course, very active imaginations! They source many of their ingredients locally from family owned and operated farms and orchards and from backyard home gardeners.

Imagination is the passionate adventure of good mates Simon Wilson and Chris Charteris. After 2 years of scheming and experimenting (and a bit of drinking), in 2018 they established our distillery on the site of the original Tuatara Brewery in the lush Reikorangi Valley on the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand. Being in the shadow of New Zealand’s pioneering craft beer makers is a constant inspiration to them to be the very best they can. The name imagination represents the ingenuity and anything-is-possible attitude that epitomises the New Zealand spirit that binds us together as one people.

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