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Herrick Creek | Nine Fathoms Canterbury Gin

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Herrick Creek Distillery - Christchurch, New Zealand

Style - Navy Strength
500ml | 57% ABV

Juniper, CorianderSeed, Angelica Root, Hop, Orange, Lemon, Cucumber, Horopito & Kiwifruit

This Classic New Zealand Gin is the little sister to Herrick Creek Distillery's Nine Fathoms Navy Strength Gin and has similar notes. Juniper and sweet citrusy on the nose with a gentle palette.

Nine Fathoms was made in a small passage between the mainland and Cooper Island in Fiordland National Park. This small passage has laid way for many travellers and has seen moose sightings in the past. It packs natural sweetness with herbal, earthy flavours for a really diverse drink. Complex fruits, sweet citrus on the nose with lots of pepper, citrus, bitter hops and tart fruit on the palate. Horopito heat with hints of coriander and juniper to finish. 

Herrick Creek is based on a legend. It's a story that connects New Zealand and Canada and it seems like it may just do so indefinitely. When Tom, Alannah and AJ decided it was time to open a distillery, it was this story that stuck with them. Their mission is to create small batch, uniquely New Zealand spirits, combined with the tales and mystery of what happened, and may still be happening, in the area around Herrick Creek, Fiordland.

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