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Fever-Tree Lime & Yuzu Soda

Fever-Tree Lime & Yuzu Soda

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Fever-Tree - London, England

4 Pack (200ml Bottles)

Fever-Tree's Lime & Yuzu Soda is made with Tahiti lime, from Mexico’s fertile groves on the opposing Caribbean and Pacific coasts, in addition to pressed oil extract from the wonderfully floral Japanese yuzu from the southerly regions of Shikoku and Oita. This low-calorie soda is incredibly refreshing, and has a slight bite from the juicy citrus that is rounded off by the same fruits’ natural sweetness.

If ¾ of your drink is the mixer, mix with the best. At Fever-Tree it’s all about taste. Which is why they have gone to the ends of the earth to source the highest quality ingredients for their range of premium natural mixers. It’s a determination that is unmatched by any other mixer maker and one that translates onto the tongue. Their award-winning products taste clean, subtle and balanced with authentic flavours and champagne-style carbonation, so just as good as the spirits you’re pairing them with.

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