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RUIN | The Courage

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RUIN Distillery - Upper Hutt, Wellington

Style - Contemporary
500ml | 42% ABV

• 2022 NZ Spirits Awards - Bronze

Juniper, Coriander Seeds, Angelica Root, Liquorice, Wild Fennel Seed, Rosemary, Bay Leaf, Orris Root & Cassia.

Many years ago gin was coined 'Dutch Courage' by soldiers for its calming effect before battle. Upper Hutt, the home of RUIN has a proud military history as do it's makers, and this connection is the inspiration behind The Courage.

The botanical profile includes bay leaves (for victory), wild fennel seeds (chewed by Roman soldiers for courage) and rosemary (for remembrance). In short, RUIN's The Courage is a meticulously made fighting spirit for the modern warrior.

RUIN Distillery is a mere 4 metres square in size, but there is some fine alchemy happening in that small space. The finest gin makers typically make their own spirit and at RUIN, they too make theirs from scratch. Their grain neutral spirit is fermented with the finest ingredients, including a champagne yeast.  It is temperature controlled and constantly monitored at every step. This pure and very smooth spirit is double distilled and single shot vapour infused. 

In what might be the world’s smallest commercial distillery, perched on the side of Moonshine Valley, in suburban Upper Hutt, north of Wellington, small batches of the finest gin are quietly being crafted. After 30 years of home distilling and perfecting the craft of making gin that family and friends could not get enough of, RUIN Distillery was born.

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