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Kiwi Spirit Distillery | Tangelo Liqueur

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Kiwi Spirit Distillery - Motupipi, New Zealand

Style - Liqueur
500ml | 30% ABV

Kiwi Spirit Distillery handcrafts premium liqueurs that are inspired by the traditional distilling techniques of Europe. They use locally sourced fruit and only the purest New Zealand ingredients to create smooth and versatile liqueurs that can be enjoyed neat or to create irresistible cocktails. Kiwi Spirit’s richly aromatic Tangelo Liqueur is a luxurious spirit which tastes of summer and makes every drink feel like a celebration. Local sun-ripened Tangelos are distilled to create a smooth, delicious liqueur.

Kiwi Spirit Distillery believes good taste is good for the soul. They are a family owned and operated distillery redefining what quality means. They specialise in unique spirits handcrafted from the purest homegrown ingredients.

Being located in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Golden Bay, this small town has long been a haunt for creative free thinkers, artists and aging hippies. Nestled between two spectacular National Parks with miles of stunning golden sand beach surroundings, it’s a very special corner of New Zealand. Kiwi Spirit Distillery live and breathe local, with almost all of their ingredients come from the region.

They are a creative bunch who love nothing more than experimenting, creating new tastes and pushing the limits on what is possible. Heart and soul goes into everything they make and they are proud to share their creations with you. Kiwi Spirit Distillery, From Garden to Glass.

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