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Clarity Navy Gin

Clarity Navy Gin

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Clarity Distilling Company- Tauranga, New Zealand

Style - Navy 
700ml | 57.5% ABV


A classic, robust blend featuring unmistakable juniper, enhanced by Manuka and charcoal-smoked coriander. Cardamom adds a spicy allure, while peppercorn offers a playful nose tickle. The palate echoes these notes, with lemon and juniper balancing cardamom's strength. A smooth finish with a touch of floral grace from the Orris root, bright lemon, and peppercorn warmth.


Juniper Berries, Cassia Bark, Liquorice Root, Lemon Peel, Angelica Root, Cardamom Pods, Peppercorn, Manuka and Charcoal Smoked Coriander Seed, Clove, Nutmeg and Orris Root


Serve on the rocks or with your favourite tonic. No garnish necessary.


Clarity Navy is a classic dry gin with unmistakable juniper flavour, complemented by charcoal and manuka-smoked coriander, cardamom and lemon notes. Its exceptionally smooth texture leads to a bright, lingering finish, creating a delightful and well-balanced drinking experience.

700ml Gin @ 57.5% ABV


The term "Navy Strength" originated in the 18th century when the British Navy would carry barrels of spirits on board their ships as part of their rations for sailors. To ensure that the spirits they had on board were not diluted or tampered with, they needed a way to verify their strength. Navy Strength spirits had to meet specific criteria to be considered suitable for the Royal Navy. One of the key criteria was that the spirits had to be at least 57.15% ABV (100 proof) to ensure that they would still ignite if accidentally spilled on gunpowder. This was important because gunpowder was commonly stored on ships, and the alcohol-soaked gunpowder would still be usable even if it got wet.. Today, Clarity Navy Gin pays homage to its heritage, embodying strength, authenticity and a timeless essence cherished by gin enthusiasts worldwide.

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