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Bluff London Dry Gin

Bluff London Dry Gin

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 500ml | 45%

Distilled 19,000km away from London, Bluff Gin is nevertheless our expression of a classical London Dry Gin. The bottle in your hand, however, is anything but classic

It pays homage to the glass buoys that would keep afloat the illegal Japanese whaling nets, set across our protected Southern Seas. Bluffies, as the locals are known, would set sail and brave Hell’s Gate, an infamous strait of open sea to lop off these buoys, letting the nets sink into the deep blue.

Those who made it back, proudly displayed the buoys on their masts, front doors and at their local pub. A warning sign that’s still present to this day, a warning sign to never mess with Bluff.

One sip of Bluff Gin and you’ll feel as if you’re there at the very bottom of the world looking out over Foveaux Strait. Drop by some time. You’ll see for yourself why they risked their lives to protect this incredible place.

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