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No8 Dunners Dry Gin

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No8 Distillery - Dunedin, New Zealand

Style - Classic
700ml | 42% ABV

• 2023 Australian Gin Awards - Bronze
• 2022 NZ Spirits Awards - Silver
• 2022 World Gin Awards - Bronze
• 2021 London Spirits Awards (LSC) - Silver

Juniper, Coriander Seed, Angelica Root, Orris Root, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Kawakawa, Tarata, Thyme, Sage & Basil.

"The Lovechild". It's not a classic London dry gin, but No8's vision of what a NZ dry gin can be - smooth, bushy & dry. On the nose this gin is weighed down by kawakawa while the citrus notes of lemon, orange, and grapefruit light up your olfactory bulb. Thyme lurks in the background. On tasting, the kawakawa is still predominant, but the thyme comes to the fore along with layers of sage, liquorice, and tarata, which binds all these aromas together. There is a long liquorice and citrus finish. This gin is a mix of traditional herbs from the Mediterranean and Aotearoa, blending the culinary histories of Julien and Michael.

The No8 still sits in the window at the Dog with Two Tails in sunny Dunedin. Their processes – drying botanicals that they've foraged, macerating, distilling, mixology – is all on display. This is part of their goal to demystify the art of distilling and make it more accessible to the good and gorgeous people of Dunners. They also have a refill & bottle swap system and sustainable program to do 0 waste.

No8 Distillery came from the need to get things done with what they had to hand while setting up and installing their distillery during the April 2020 lockdown & fix everything with a No8 wire cable. Their still is a beautiful Franken-machine named "Therese" with all sorts of parts thrown together and reconfigured to create a unique still that can do more than most stills her size. The No8 attitude carries on in the way that they'll experiment with different and unconventional ways of extraction to see what they get. Julien also created their first gin - the Horopito Fire Gin with 8 main ingredients.

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