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Humdinger Dry Gin

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Geraldine Distillery - Geraldine, New Zealand

Style - Classic (Modern Dry)
700ml | 40% ABV

International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) 2022 - Bronze
International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) 2021 - Bronze
New Zealand Spirits Awards 2021 - Gold
London Spirits Competition 2021  - Silver

Juniper Berries (Macedonia)
Coriander Seeds (Bulgaria)
Angelica Root (Belgium)
Ginger (India)
Liquorice Root (Egypt)
Nutmeg (Sri Lanka)
Orris Root (Morocco)
Homegrown Barley (Canterbury)
Fresh Orange and Lemon Peel (Gisborne)

An old soul packed with nature’s finest, this dry gin balances the best of British methodology with Humdinger’s flair and ingenuity. Early notes of subtle citrus demand attention, while juniper cuts a daring middle. An exquisitely complex and lingering finish of liquorice root and nutmeg round out this composed and velvety gin. Bold, balanced, smooth.

Every step of the Humdinger way, quality is always considered first - not cost, nor time, but quality. Their hand-made 10L copper still from Portugal is where every Humdinger recipe started as an idea, before being fine-tuned and graduating onto the larger stills. With flexibility and opportunity at the forefront of its design their refiner features a 50L copper pot, a 3-plate column, a generous botanical basket and a few secret modifications, providing limitless possibilities for the art of distillation. Humdinger has a six-hour distillation, one of continuous monitoring that takes generous heads and tails cuts, leaving only a heart of the highest quality that will be rested and mellowed before progressing to bottling.

A quality gin doesn’t happen by accident and quality botanicals are a key element in a Humdinger gin. It began with a few loose words, a fair bit of encouragement, some wild imaginings and a decent dose of bravado. A copper still followed and Geraldine’s first distillery was established in 2020 Passionate about sharing the art of distillation and Humdinger Gin with the world, Andrew and Saskia are doing it for the love of gin.

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