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Te Huna Truffle Gin 500ml

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Te Huna Truffiere - truffle gin

500ml | 44% ABV

Whether it is how to grow or how to find the “ultimate” truffle, much of the mystic that surrounds the truffle is due to their subterranean nature – hidden from all but the most fanatic or passionate.

Inspired by the richness of New Zealand’s natural resources, the elusive, earthy and juicy tones of black truffle harmonise with traditional pine and citrus notes, guided to a deeper place by the unctuous tones of shiitake mushrooms, seaweed and finely structured tones of hazelnut and hemp.

Our intention was simply to create the best truffle gin possible...and we believe the Te Huna Truffle Gin has hit the marque. Constructed to be smooth so it can be drunk neat - allowing you to really appreciate it's depth, complexity and harmony.

Each bottle is individually numbered...only 349 available in batch 1.

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