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Sundays Lemon, Lime & Yuzu Soda

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Sundays - Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

4 x 300ml Bottles

Sundays' Lemon, Lime & Yuzu soda is a zesty, refreshing citrus soda with an oriental yuzu twist.

Carbonated Water, Lemon Juice (1.8%), Sugar, Lime Juice (1.5%), Lime Extract, Yuzu Extract, Ginseng Extract, Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid)

Three entrepreneurial women couldn't find a drink to satisfy all their needs so they decided to create our own! After a great deal of testing and trialing they finally cracked it to launch incredible flavours that tick all the boxes. Their drinks range is refreshing and light, with no overwhelmingly sweet sugar hit as it contains no fake sugars or sweeteners. Sundays offers a sophisticated non-alcoholic option to enjoy or can be used as a low cal mixer for cocktails. It is proudly made in New Zealand, from top quality New Zealand ingredients.

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