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National Distillery | Rock 'n' Roll Smile Gin

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The National Distillery Company - Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Style - Contemporary
750ml | 40% ABV


This is gin re-jigged. It's out of the box. Goat Thrower. Greatest Of All Time. Rock n Roll Smile. Call it what you will. We still call it Love. Out of the box, it's built to entice and entangle with every sip. The finest Hawke's Bay has to offer, with local hemp, artfully blended with Hawke's Bay's own orris root and coriander seed, and a sweeping finishing stroke of lush and sweet Hawke's Bay Meyer lemon, you can't get much more Hawke's Bay than this. It's sure to bring a smile to your face. 

NDC joined forces with renowned Boyd-Dunlop Gallery owners Richard and Elisa, who have unleashed their own unique flavour to bring you a contemporary gin that screams Pop Art Culture. Add Master Distiller, Blair and his eccentricities to the mix and you have one helluva drink on your hands. This gin has funk and soul. It's artistic and delicious. It's everything but conventional. Just like its creators.

The National Distillery Company (Formerly home of the National Tobacco Company) is the diamond in Napier’s architectural crown. Considered an architectural rarity, their Distillery is an impressive example of the birth of modernism in New Zealand Architect, Louis Hay’s original drawings were based on the idea of an ‘arch within a square.’ Hay’s entire design reflects the influence of Art Nouveau and Modernism on the architect. It’s the perfect setting for tasting their handcrafted selection of copper distilled New Zealand gin, vodka, rum and whisky. NDC blend modern distilling techniques with time-honoured traditions to celebrate an exciting play between expansive creativity and an unbending commitment to making spirits that will stand the test of time.

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