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Matakana Moon Black Tag Reserve

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Matakana Moonshine - Auckland, New Zealand 

Style - Classic (London Dry)
700ml | 40% ABV

A smooth, dry London style gin, triple distilled and crafted in Aotearoa - New Zealand with carefully selected all natural botanicals, Juniper forward with notes of orange, lemon, angelica, and oris root. Well suited for all gin cocktails from simple Martinis to more complex creations for all occasions.

In their quest to give you a premium quality New Zealand Gin, they source beautiful "Matakana Moon" deep aquifer mineral water. Rainwater is organically filtered for hundreds of years by a unique combination of volcanic sediments rich in minerals, resulting in naturally silica rich spring water of exceptional quality and purity. They combine this with their pristine New Zealand distillate, and flavour with a range of the finest natural botanicals.

Matakana Moonshine. was born of two blokes. One being Chris. Falling on hard times Chris who could no longer afford his nightly dose of Bourbon, went bush and distilled ya do. Chris, the inventor, is today their Chief Distillation Officer (CDO) busying himself with all matters production, whilst impressing the ladies with his dancing... The other half is Mark (nick-name Hobie). Mark, our Hawker in Chief (hic) is such an avid fan of this pristine, pure, natural New Zealand range of spirits, that he’s determined to share the love world-wide!

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