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Hendrick's Lunar Gin

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The Hendrick's Gin Distillery - Garvin, Scotland

Style - Contemporary
700ml | 43.4% ABV


Hendrick's Lunar is a delightfully smooth and alluring gin that is rich with night blooming floral essence, offering a delicate balance of warm baked spices, and finished with a crisp burst of citrus. It is an intriguing combination of the refreshing and the warm, designed to be shared and savoured on an evening as the sun goes down and the moon charges the sky. This limited release gin is devised under a waxing crescent by master distiller Ms. Lesley Gracie. It's for slow sipping, fanciful conversations and other contemplative pleasures and blends perfectly in mysterious, smoky gin cocktails.

Hendrick's is created via an absurdly inefficient, yet quite glorious process. In essence, to make one gin, they first create two. The first is in the Bennett, an antique copper pot dating right back to 1860 and which steeps the botanicals in spirit overnight prior to distillation resulting in a rich, complex liquid. The second is in the Carter-Head, hailing from 1948, which gently steams the botanicals in a basket atop its lofty neck, so influence is imparted upon the spirit in something akin to a botanical steam bath. This yields a lighter, more delicate spirit. The gins from the two stills are then married together and graced with curious yet marvelous infusions.

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