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Gray Whale Gin

Golden State Distillery

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Golden State Distillery - California, United States of America

Style - Contemporary (Modern)
750ml | 43% ABV

Juniper Berries - wild foraged from Big Sur
Lime, Lemon and Orange Zest - hand-zested from Temecula
Mint - handpicked from Santa Cruz
Almonds - harvested from the Capay Calley
Fir - tree farm from Sonoma Valley
Kombu Sea Kelp - wild harvested from the Mendocino Coast

Gray Whale Gin celebrates its namesake's 12,000 mile journey, with a beautiful gin made of botanicals foraged along the migratory path of that majestic creature, from Temecula limes to sea kelp in Mendocino; as well as a few stops in between. Abundant in flavor and rich in mineral content, Kombu is unlike any other sea vegetable, earning it the title – "The King of Seaweeds." The Kombu Sea Kelp adds an earthy umami flavor profile that grounds the Gray Whale Gin gin and reveals a spray of the Pacific Ocean in every sip.

Gray Whale Gin's ultra clean, 6-times distilled, gluten-free corn base spirit provides the perfect blank canvas to allow our wonderful Californian botanicals to truly shine. Their sun-dried botanicals are poured directly into the pot still with the fresh hand-zested citrus and fir-tree needles placed into a vapor extraction bag. During distillation, the alcohol vapors rise up to the extraction basket and delicately heat the fresh citrus & fir, releasing all their wonderful flavors. These rich vapors continue across the line-arm and are cooled and condensed. The Gray Whale Gin then rests for 48 hours until bottled.

Every year the Gray Whale makes a 12,000-mile migration from the warm lagoons of the Baja Peninsula to the cool waters of the Arctic. This consciously-crafted award winning small batch gin is a celebration of this incredible journey.

Golden State Distillery proudly supports ocean conservation efforts through its partnership with Oceana. Oceana is the largest organisation in the world solely devoted to marine conservation. Their vision is to make our oceans as rich, healthy and abundant as they once were, creating the ideal environment for marine life like the California Gray Whale to survive. Through their membership with One Percent for the Planet they've also pledged to contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes.

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