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Pink & White Geothermal Gin | White

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Pink & White - Rotorua, New Zealand

Style - Classic (London Dry)
750ml | 45% ABV

New Zealand Spirits Awards 2021 - Double Gold

Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Lemon & Others.

This London Dry Gin is a refreshing take on a classic Victorian. A relatively simple gin recipe done well in small batches with strong juniper and citrus. Paired best with an Indian Tonic.

Rotorua has welcomed people to it's warm heart and geothermal wonders for centuries. Hosting is their history. Geysers, mud pools and cascades featured in New Zealand's first tourism boom in the Victorian Age and many travelers came from far and wide. Pink & White are on a journey to create a gin with geothermal provenance - utilising heat from the ground passed through a still.

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