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BULLDOG London Dry Gin


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BULLDOG Gin - London, England

Style - Classic (London Dry)
700ml | 40% ABV

Juniper, Lavender, Lotus Leaves, White Poppy, Dragon Eye, Liquorice, Almond, Cassia Bark, Angelica Root, Lemon, Coriander and Orris Root.

BULLDOG Gin is a re-invented London Dry Gin to create a smooth, balanced liquid with a citrus base. It’s a pliable and versatile product with multiple layers of flavours for maximum mixability. It starts with triple-distilled neutral grain spirit made with only the finest British wheat and water. But it’s the fourth distillation where the transformation happens, when they add a unique blend of botanicals in their natural format, to the pot still. It's produced at 40% ABV wherever in the world you find it. It achieves the perfect balance to allow the botanicals to express themselves.

First, grain neutral spirit (at 96% ABV) is infused with the all-natural flavours and aromas of BULLDOG Gin’s 12 distinctive botanicals inside a copper pot still. This allows the botanicals to macerate in the spirit before distilling, to release their essential oils, resulting in the creation of vapour. The resultant vapour passes through a condenser and is reliquefied to produce an essence. As a result of this, the “heads” (volatile compounds with low boiling points) and “tails” (volatile compounds with high boiling points) are separated from the distillate. The resulting essence (measured at 76% ABV) is compounded further with a wheat-based grain neutral spirit. The liquid is broken down with demineralised water to the required strength for bottling (40% ABV). Upon meeting discerning aromatic and flavour standards, only then can it be bottled and labeled as BULLDOG London Dry Gin.

BULLDOG London Dry Gin was created by Anshuman Vohra in 2006 after leaving his job at JP Morgan in New York. Named after Winston Churchill's nickname of 'The British Bulldog', the Asian botanicals were inspired by Vohra's travels with his father. These include lotus leaves, white poppy and dragon eye alongside traditional botanicals. 
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