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ENGINE Pure Organic Gin

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ENGINE - Alta Langa, Italy

Style - Classic (London Dry)
500ml | 42% ABV

Juniper, Sage, Lemon, Liquorice Root, Damask Rose & more.

ENGINE is a London dry gin hand-crafted by master distillers, produced in small batches and bottled by hand in the Alta Langa region, in north-western Italy. Its formula is linked with Italian and Piedmont tradition, paying tribute to rosolios, cordials and liquors made from sage and lemon which in the past were ancient digestive remedies. It is produced with 100% organic Italian ingredients.

Born from an idea of Paolo Dalla Mora, entrepreneur in the fashion and spirits sectors, ENGINE celebrates an imaginary made of oil and fuel cans, motocross races and racing vehicles, in memory of the great myths of the 1980’s such as the timeless Dodge Charger, the car baptised the General Lee in the successful TV series The Dukes of Hazzard. From the cars world, directly to your glass.

With ice throws fire. With tonic throws sparks.

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