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Curiosity Gin | Four Gin Tasting Set

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The Spirits Workshop - Christchurch, New Zealand

The Four Gin Tasting Pack includes a 50ml sample of four gins in Curiosity's range - Classic, Curious Dry, Recipe #23 and Ruby, along with tasting notes and cocktail suggestions.

It makes the perfect gift for any gin lover and is a great way to sample some of the Curiosity gin range.

The Spirits Workshop began in late 2015 when four whisky lovers got together and bought a small still, curious to develop distinctly New Zealand spirits. Their journey is to create, within their workshop, New Zealand’s most celebrated craft spirits. Quality food and beverages are always best enjoyed when there’s a story behind what you’re eating and drinking. They wondered what would it take to deliver their taste of New Zealand to the spirits world? Yoyo, the original 50 litre pot still was their initial step and for the first three years it produced the first four Curiosity Gins in the range. Yoyo is still in action and in 2019 they acquired a 500 litre still which currently produces all their gin and whisky.

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