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Dr Beak Umeshu Gin Liqueur

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Arise Spirits Ltd - Martinborough, New Zealand

Style - Gin Liqueur
500ml | 18.1% ABV

2022 Vintage

This limited release gin liqueur takes inspiration from Japan. Based on traditional Japanese umeshu, this liqueur has been crafted using Dr Beak's Garden Gin as a base and steeping New Zealand-grown green ume fruit for ten months, along with rock sugar to balance the tartness of the fruit. The resulting umeshu, has a wonderfully rich flavour, with lifted florals, almond kernel, and apricot.

With environmentalism at their core, Dr Beak aims to give back while producing premium quality gin, so you can feel good with every sip. A portion of profits is gifted to organisations who help protect our precious biodiversity. They rely on selected growers from within New Zealand to provide them with exceptional raw ingredients. By using botanicals grown here in New Zealand, this helps them to keep their footprint small, and of course, supports the locals. Currently, all but one of their botanicals are grown here in NZ. This gives them traceability of their ingredients straight to your glass.

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